Two types of courses

Two types of courses are offered to individually paying participants: a full course and a reduced course:

(1) a four-week course: 21. 7. – 19. 8. 2018
(2) a two-week course: 21. 7. – 5. 8. 2018

Fees and prices for paying participants

Fees can be paid either in Euros (EUR) or in Czech crowns (CZK).

(1) FOUR-WEEK COURSE: 21. 7. – 19. 8. 2018 EUR CZK
Administrative fee:   30      810
Language course: 850 21 600
Accommodation in a double room: 250   6 400
Accommodation in a single room: 315   8 000


(2) TWO-WEEK COURSE: 21. 7. – 5. 8. 2018 EUR CZK
Administrative fee:   30      810
Language course: 425 10 800
Accommodation in a double room: 125   3 200
Accommodation in a single room: 155   4 000


Scholarship holders: The listed items (course fee, accommodation in a double room,) and allowances are covered by the scholarship awarded by the Czech Ministry of Education (MŠMT ČR).

Paying participants: It is possible to reduce the price of the course only in exceptional and well-founded cases (e.g. sudden illness, operation, etc.) and only in the case of the four-week course. The price will be set individually according to the number of missed days, but the reduction cannot surpass 30 % of the original price. An official letter applying for the reduction with stated reasons needs to be sent to the director of the SSSL who decides about the final fee. The reduction concerns only the course fee, the administrative fee and the price for accommodation cannot be reduced.


All payments must be made no later than June 30, 2018. You can make the payment either in EUR or in CZK. Please note that each currency has its own account. You need to send the payment in EUR only to the Euro account and payment in CZK to the Czech account. All bank transfer fees are to be covered by the participant.

The account owner: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci
Address: Křížkovského 8, 771 47 Olomouc
Bank: Komerční banka, a. s., Olomouc
Address of the bank: Třída Svobody 14, 772 14 Olomouc, Česká republika


EURO account (payments in EUR)

Account number: 43-3855090287/0100
Variable code: 21820012
IBAN: CZ9801000000433855090287
Purpose of payment: LSSS FF UP

Czech account (payments in CZK)

Account number: 19-1096330227/0100
Variable code: 21820012
IBAN: CZ0901000000191096330227
Purpose of payment: LSSS FF UP

Please note
Please make sure you state all the required information for the payment including the variable code and the purpose of the payment, otherwise the University cannot indentify your payment.
Make sure you add enough money to the total cost to cover all bank charges connected with the transfer.

Discounts for individually paying participants

There are two types of discounts individually paying participants can apply for:

  • Discount n.1 – 30 EUR or 810 CZK per person and per course fee
    Provided that all fees associated with the Summer School are paid by May, 31 2018.
  • Discount n.2 – 60 EUR or 1500 CZK per person and per course fee
    This applies to returning students who took part in a SSSL between 2006–2017 either as a scholarship holder or a paying participant.

NB: If applicable, you can ask for both the discounts at a time. In order to ask for the discount either/both the conditions need to met and the applicant has to cover all fees connected with bank transfers (see the information about the payment).